About UWK

PT Ungaran Wana Karya

Ungaran wana Karya is a company engaged in the field of furniture production, trade and wood processing, located in Karangjati, Semarang Regency, Central Java, Indonesia.

Since 2008 our company has committed to produce furniture and provide various types of wood of the highest quality, such as teak wood, mahogany wood, rosewood, balsa wood, acacia wood and other wood types in the form of logs, squares, wet or dry boards.

At present our company is serving domestic and export orders to China, Taiwan, USA and other countries.

In the procurement of these raw materials, PT Ungaran Wana Karya has established a partnership with forestery public Corporation. We also produce furniture and other products such as flooring, parquet and finger joint.

As the rapid development of the furniture industry and the need for wood raw materials encourage us to expand our business into international markets. With the support of more than 150 experienced workers and staff, most of our staff have worked in our company for more than 10 years.

In an effort to improve efficiency and increase production, our company is equipped with modern machinery, advanced technology, and skilled workers. Our company prioritizes product quality and on-time delivery because customer satisfaction is our main priority.

To meet the standards of domestic and international market requirements, PT. Ungaran wana Karya has received FSC and SVLK certification.